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Meet the Kims: and learn about eating disorders

Rachel had always been thin, but lately she was feeling the pressure to be even thinner.

Her friends were always trying to emulate the models and celebrities splashed across the fashion magazines, and sure enough, Rachel became self-conscious that her physique just didn’t measure up.  The pressure mounted, and soon she was feeling altogether overwhelmed.

With her prom fast approaching, Rachel knew that she wanted to wear a short, sequined dress that she… Continue reading

Guest Speakers Announced + Tickets Are Now On Sale!

Our first phase of guest speakers was announced today! The moderator for the main stage will be Kevin Frankish, who can be seen each weekday morning on “BT-BreakfastTelevision” and has been recognized repeatedly for his career achievements and community involvement.

For a list of current guest speakers please visit our “Speakers” tab! We have a variety of industry experts to help your family!

Tickets are now available on our website! You can purchase them directly… Continue reading

Meet the Williams: and Learn What Depression Can Look Like

“Today is the last day of school. I know I should be happy. Everyone around me is so excited to start their summer holidays, but lately I have felt so sad and I don’t understand why.”

Annie Williams, 16, had been extremely busy in the final few months of school. With soccer practice, photography club, student council, and studying for exams, she needed to maintain her good grades to be accepted into her first choice… Continue reading

Meet the Jones; Why a Diagnosis of ADHD Can Be Life Changing

Johnny Jones age 8, came home from school in tears.

“I hate my teacher,” he told his mother. “Every day this week she embarrassed me in class. She knows I can’t sit still. She keeps bugging me. I’m never going back to school, ever again!”

Johnny ran to his room and slammed the door. He jumped on his bed and threw his favourite book against the wall.

Johnny’s mother Sally was beside herself. She’d spoken… Continue reading

How You Can Join Other Families to Raise Awareness & Reduce Stigma

Sometimes the obvious escapes us.

Family Support Expo, “Solutions Waiting To Happen”, October 20 -21, 2012, at the International Centre, Mississauga, Ontario, marks a new chapter in the family lives of Ontarians. More than 60% of Canadians struggle with three very personal and often frustrating challenges:

• Separation and divorce • Medical issues • Mental health issues.

These three problem areas affect so much: the smiles on children’s faces, the ability for Moms and Dads… Continue reading

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