Diabetes (learn more…)

  • More than 9 million Canadians are living with diabetes or pre-diabetes. More than 1.5 million are in the GTA.
  • In 2010, 15.3% of obese Canadians had diabetes compared to 5% of individuals who were not obese.
  • Diabetes can cause further health-related complications such as heart disease, stroke and kidney disease.
  • Type 2 diabetes was once a disease that occurred primarily in adults, however it is increasingly affecting children and adolescents.
  • In 2010, 6.4% of Canadians aged 12 or older reported that they had diabetes.
  •  One in every three American children born in 2000 will likely be diagnosed with diabetes in their lifetime. Similar rates are anticipated in Canada.
  • In the next 15 years, it is anticipated that type 2 diabetes will grow by up to 50% globally.

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