Meet the Williams: and Learn What Depression Can Look Like

Learn about Depression - Family Support Expo“Today is the last day of school. I know I should be happy. Everyone around me is so excited to start their summer holidays, but lately I have felt so sad and I don’t understand why.”

Annie Williams, 16, had been extremely busy in the final few months of school. With soccer practice, photography club, student council, and studying for exams, she needed to maintain her good grades to be accepted into her first choice of university.

Most of all, she didn’t want to let her parents down by telling them she was too stressed.

Annie was feeling the saddest at night, as she tried to fall asleep. She felt overwhelmed by all of the different pressures in her life, which made her want to cry.

Trying to Reach Out

Annie tried talking to her friends about how she was feeling. They told her it really wasn’t as bad as she was making it seem and that she would get back to normal once school was finished.

But Annie didn’t feel convinced. “They don’t seem to understand how I am feeling,” she thought.

Getting Back on Track

Annie went online. Her symptoms and feelings suggested she might be suffering from depression.

Depression is an extremely common mental condition experienced by people of all ages and is often triggered by stress.

When Annie spoke to her doctor about her situation, he made her feel comfortable and offered her various treatment options to cope and manage her specific symptoms of depression.

Depression can happen to anyone. There are plenty of resources to help you cope with your feelings and manage your symptoms. Learn more about the Family Support Expo and how we can help.

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