Meet The Whites: and Understand the Impact of Alzheimer’s

“How could you have forgotten Jimmy’s birthday, Mom? He is your first grandchild!” 

Over the past year, Sarah had noticed the memory of her 68-year-old mother, Martha, declining. It started as simply misplacing household items, forgetting about special dates, and missing appointments. Sarah just assumed forgetfulness was a part of the normal aging process.

Sarah soon realized her mother’s frequent forgetfulness wasn’t normal when Martha inadvertently started a small kitchen fire at her house. She forgot about a roast in the oven, putting her life in great danger.

Marriage Issues

Sarah was deeply concerned about her mother’s well being. This concern had begun to put a strain on her marriage.

“Bob says that all I think and talk about is my Mom, and that I’m not paying enough attention to him or the kids,” Sarah said.

Sarah knew she couldn’t let her marriage and her relationship with her children suffer any longer. She realized it was time to discuss Martha’s memory problems with a professional.

How Sarah Got Back on Track

Together, Sarah and her mother sat down with Martha’s doctor and discussed her symptoms. The doctor determined that Martha was suffering from the early stages of dementia, which is related to Alzheimer’s disease. The doctor explained that there are a lot of people going through similar situations. With that knowledge, Sarah was able to find her mother proper care and treatments, helping her manage the illness.

Visiting the doctor finally put Sarah at ease. She now knew her mother wasn’t the only senior going through the process of memory loss and dementia. Sarah was able to return to her normal routine. Her mother was safe.

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