Meet The Singhs: and learn about Juvenile Diabetes

For as long as I can remember I have had to check my blood everyday while I am at school.

Usually my parents or my teacher will help me test my blood to make sure my sugar levels are normal, but now mom and dad have let me be in charge of my testing kit and pricking my finger. It’s a lot of responsibility and makes me feel very grown up.

Ali is 9 years old, he was diagnosed with diabetes three years ago after complaining about being very tired and extremely thirsty. Ali’s parents took him to the doctor to be examined and when the test came back, the doctor told them that an organ in his body, the pancreas, stopped making insulin, so Ali would now have to do the work for the pancreas by giving himself insulin.

In addition to monitoring his own blood levels, Ali has to make sure he eats right and frequently. He says it’s a lot of work to make sure his blood levels are normal but he would rather do the extra work so he doesn’t like feel sick when he forgets to eat or eats something with too much sugar.

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