Meet the Lees; His Story Might Just Save Your Life

Last winter, 67-year-old Michael Lee went to his doctor for his annual check-up.  He hadn’t been for five years, at which time he was at least 25 pounds lighter.  Michael had intended to walk and stretch daily.  He really wanted to start riding his bike again.  His intentions were good.

But, the months and years raced by.  And as time passed, the pounds snuck their way on to his frame.  Clothes had to be let out or were given away.  Michael purchased a few new things, but now he was retired and his image wasn’t so important.  At some level, he knew he had become lazy; but he felt fine, so he wasn’t concerned.

Then he went to the doctor.

Soon after Michael arrived at the doctor’s office, a nurse weighed him.  She mumbled under her breath and marked down a number.  Michael continued into the examination room, feeling a bit embarrassed.

He wished he had stayed home.

He started to perspire.

Michael’s doctor of many years entered the room, made small talk, and then began to grate on Michael’s nerves.

“It’s been 5 years since you were here.  You must come every 12 months at this stage in your life.”

There was talk about Michael’s weight (too heavy), his blood pressure (too high), his heart rate (too fast), his cholesterol (probably too high).

He wished he had stayed at home.

Michael respected his doctor.  The doctor told him he must exercise daily and improve his diet.  He also said Michael’s health problems were borderline “very serious”.  If Michael didn’t make considerable progress with weight reduction in the next several months, medication would be required to reduce his blood pressure and probably his cholesterol.

Michael realized he had become lazy in retirement and vowed to lose weight and exercise.  He had read quite a bit about heart disease and knew he must do better.  Hopefully, any damage he’d done could be reversed.

Fortunately, Michael took his doctor’s advice to heart.  He relished a challenge and committed himself to a new lifestyle.

And this commitment probably saved Michael’s life.

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