How You Can Join Other Families to Raise Awareness & Reduce Stigma

Sometimes the obvious escapes us.

Family Support Expo, “Solutions Waiting To Happen”, October 20 -21, 2012, at the International Centre, Mississauga, Ontario, marks a new chapter in the family lives of Ontarians. More than 60% of Canadians struggle with three very personal and often frustrating challenges:

• Separation and divorce
• Medical issues
• Mental health issues.

These three problem areas affect so much: the smiles on children’s faces, the ability for Moms and Dads to provide healthy food and safe residence for their children, school performance, work productivity (due to days off for sick leave), and the capacity to save money for old age retirement.

Most of us experience fear.

Some of us experience it daily.

Fear can render you helpless

Fear of not being able to pay for what we need. Fear of loneliness. Fear of rejection. Fear of getting older. Fear of health problems. Fear for someone we love. Fear about our future. Fear of the unknown. Fear can take over our thoughts and render us helpless. Fear contributes negatively to the quality of our relationships, our medical health and our mental health. And so it becomes a vicious circle.

Ask a separated or divorced person why they stayed in their marriage for so long and the answer is often, “I can’t believe I did”. Fear of change is usually underlying that statement. Why is it that so many people become sick and wait too long to see a doctor? Fear can overtake common sense. We can suffer unnecessarily simply because we are afraid to hear what a doctor might tell us.

How many people end marriages and relationships, lose jobs, walk away from their children in order to hide their mental illness? We are afraid of being exposed. If people know about our problems we might be forced to face them head on. We are afraid of the stigma. We have an awareness that ‘difference’ is not embraced wholeheartedly in our society.

Breaking the cycle

Family Support Expo was created to provide enhanced access to information and support, for those who need it most. And with information and support ultimately comes acceptance. With self acceptance our fears begin to ease. We become more active and act more constructively. We don’t see others as different, but value them as part of a greater community. We begin to shift to a more positive place in our hearts and minds. We let people know we care. We help them reduce their fear and move forward with their lives. And so the cycle is broken.

Family Support Expo is about finding support for you and all those people you love. Young or old, rich or poor, white or black, male or female – we all need support. Join other families to raise awareness and reduce stigma. You will find answers to your questions, access to industry experts, and a network of supportive colleagues. You are not alone.

And leading up to the Expo, we will be blogging every week about issues related to Divorce, Separation, Medical and Mental Health, so stay tuned for this informative series!

For more information about the Expo for both attendees and exhibitors please visit our website:

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