Expo Features


The Expo will feature exhibitors showcasing a variety of products and services in the Separation & Divorce, Medical, Mental Health and Lifestyle industries. There will also be access to community resources, organizations and experts in the industry.

Guest Speakers

The Expo will feature an industry wide discussion each day as well as guest speakers sharing personal stories on specific issues and areas of interest.  The Expo will look to educate attendees on family-related issues, emerging trends and areas for growth and improvement. Learn more…

Information Centre

The Expo will feature a unique Information Centre where attendees can seek help based on their specific needs.  Our trained volunteers will help attendees find exactly what they are looking for.

Separation and Divorce Professional Section

The Expo will allow consumers to seek help by a trained professional. This section will offer a more intimate and relaxed setting for private discussions.

Family Support Workshop

The Expo will feature a workshops each day, where participants can attend and learn more about important issues in a private workshop style environment.  Workshops are designed to help and educate families in need. Learn more …

Interactive Health Section

The Expo will feature an interactive section where attendees can learn more about ways to improve their health in a fun and engaged manner.  Demonstrations and classes will be taking place throughout both days.


The Expo will be providing dozens of prizes and giveaways to all participants.

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