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The early bird deadline for this year’s Family Support Expo is Friday August 17th! For all questions or comments please give us a call. To book your exhibit space make sure to fill out the registration form online, in the Expo News section!

Book Your Exhibit Space – Register Online

Sign up to exhibit at this year’s Family Support Expo by filling out the online registration form below. If you have any questions please give us a call and we will help ensure you fill out all of the information correctly.

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Meet the Smiths; and Learn About Their Fundamental Divorce Mistake

Separation and Divorce are rarely what Moms or Dads expect.

Some separations are functional, but dysfunction can ensue, particularly if you make this one fundamental mistake.  You fail to communicate.

If people don’t communicate well when they’re married, it’s unlikely that they will when they are apart.  But the good news is that communication is a skill that can be taught and learned, but it is hard work.

Most people learn to communicate… Continue reading

Meet the Lees; His Story Might Just Save Your Life

Last winter, 67-year-old Michael Lee went to his doctor for his annual check-up.  He hadn’t been for five years, at which time he was at least 25 pounds lighter.  Michael had intended to walk and stretch daily.  He really wanted to start riding his bike again.  His intentions were good.

But, the months and years raced by.  And as time passed, the pounds snuck their way on to his frame.… Continue reading

Meet the Jones; Why a Diagnosis of ADHD Can Be Life Changing

Johnny Jones age 8, came home from school in tears.

“I hate my teacher,” he told his mother. “Every day this week she embarrassed me in class. She knows I can’t sit still. She keeps bugging me. I’m never going back to school, ever again!”

Johnny ran to his room and slammed the door. He jumped on his bed and threw his favourite book against the wall.

Johnny’s mother Sally was beside herself. She’d spoken… Continue reading

How You Can Join Other Families to Raise Awareness & Reduce Stigma

Sometimes the obvious escapes us.

Family Support Expo, “Solutions Waiting To Happen”, October 20 -21, 2012, at the International Centre, Mississauga, Ontario, marks a new chapter in the family lives of Ontarians. More than 60% of Canadians struggle with three very personal and often frustrating challenges:

• Separation and divorce • Medical issues • Mental health issues.

These three problem areas affect so much: the smiles on children’s faces, the ability for Moms and Dads… Continue reading