Volunteer at the Family Support Expo

We are seeking additional volunteers to help out with the first annual Family Support Expo on Saturday October 20th & Sunday October 21st, 2012!

Help us on our quest to building healthier families across the GTA by supporting this great cause!

If you are interested in volunteering please email marc@familysupportexpo.com. In your email please include your resume as well as a brief paragraph about your experience and why you would like to help!

Volunteering a… Continue reading

Updated List of Exhibitors is Now Available!

For an updated list of exhibitors for this year inaugural Expo, click on our Expo Info tab!

Meet The Singhs: and learn about Juvenile Diabetes

For as long as I can remember I have had to check my blood everyday while I am at school.

Usually my parents or my teacher will help me test my blood to make sure my sugar levels are normal, but now mom and dad have let me be in charge of my testing kit and pricking my finger. It’s a lot of responsibility and makes me feel very grown up.

Ali is 9 years… Continue reading

Family Support Expo – Official Expo Guide

We would like to welcome Family TLC Magazine and Go-55 Plus Magazine as the official guides of this year’s inaugural Expo! Keep your eyes open for a copy of either magazine in your neighbourhood as the Expo gets closer!  10,000 copies of each magazine will be distributed free of charge in October!




Meet the Romanos: and learn how to budget your children’s expenses properly

Heather and Tony have recently divorced. During their separation negotiations, they incorporated a plan into their Separation Agreement to help them determine how much each parent would be responsible for contributing to special and extraordinary expenses for their children. These expenses could include:

  • • Sporting or Club fees (hockey, dance, etc.)
  • • Uninsured Medical Expenses, Counseling, Prescription Drugs
  • • School related fees (tuition, school supplies or school trips
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Meet the Kims: and learn about eating disorders

Rachel had always been thin, but lately she was feeling the pressure to be even thinner.

Her friends were always trying to emulate the models and celebrities splashed across the fashion magazines, and sure enough, Rachel became self-conscious that her physique just didn’t measure up.  The pressure mounted, and soon she was feeling altogether overwhelmed.

With her prom fast approaching, Rachel knew that she wanted to wear a short, sequined dress that she… Continue reading

Meet The Whites: and Understand the Impact of Alzheimer’s

“How could you have forgotten Jimmy’s birthday, Mom? He is your first grandchild!” 

Over the past year, Sarah had noticed the memory of her 68-year-old mother, Martha, declining. It started as simply misplacing household items, forgetting about special dates, and missing appointments. Sarah just assumed forgetfulness was a part of the normal aging process.

Sarah soon realized her mother’s frequent forgetfulness wasn’t normal when Martha inadvertently started a small kitchen fire at her house.… Continue reading

Meet The Johnsons: and Find Out What It Means to be Financially Divorced

When Andrew and Janet divorced last year, they knew it would take time to learn how to support their respective and independent needs on one income. Unfortunately for Andrew, it took longer than he thought.

When Andrew and Janet were married, Andrew provided a healthy income to the family. However, Janet was the breadwinner. It was her income that mainly supported the family.

Once on his own, Andrew had to reestablish the financial aspects of… Continue reading

Guest Speakers Announced + Tickets Are Now On Sale!

Our first phase of guest speakers was announced today! The moderator for the main stage will be Kevin Frankish, who can be seen each weekday morning on “BT-BreakfastTelevision” and has been recognized repeatedly for his career achievements and community involvement.

For a list of current guest speakers please visit our “Speakers” tab! We have a variety of industry experts to help your family!

Tickets are now available on our website! You can purchase them directly… Continue reading

Meet the Williams: and Learn What Depression Can Look Like

“Today is the last day of school. I know I should be happy. Everyone around me is so excited to start their summer holidays, but lately I have felt so sad and I don’t understand why.”

Annie Williams, 16, had been extremely busy in the final few months of school. With soccer practice, photography club, student council, and studying for exams, she needed to maintain her good grades to be accepted into her first choice… Continue reading